tirsdag 23. oktober 2012

Informal: Grades in subjects - is it right?
Okay, I know that this is a topic that is much discussed. But this will only be my meaning. So don’t hate.
Is it fair for the people who do well at the other subjects?
No it’s not. A single subject have the power to destroy your education, is that fair? Hell no. German f. ex are my biggest enemy at school, I was dumb enough to choose the “easiest” language German. Easy? No way.
In the end
In the end I think we should have grades, but we should choose our own subjects, already in the junior high-school, for example: Why did I have art or German? I hate them both, and I sucked at both of them. And art was the reason why I didn’t qualify to my favourite school…

Formal: Grades in subjects – Is it right?
Many people get bad self-confidence if they get bad grades and someone also thinks it can be very unfair if their teacher don’t like them. In today’s school reports show that allot of pupils are unsatisfied by the way the grades are set. Many of them also think that they should choose their own subjects.
Is it fair for the people who do well at the other subjects?
Many pupils do well at school and get good results in subjects like English, Norwegian, mathematics, science etc. But some pupils are bad in subjects like physical education. That it’s too unfair for the pupils who do well at school, but aren’t very god in for example football or other sports.

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