tirsdag 27. november 2012

11th hour

At school today we watched a documentary; 11th hour. The documentary was mainly about the global changes, and the problems we will face afterwards if we proceed as we do today. Every day we put a huge pressure on the earth, without knowing it. I will mainly talk about the global problems the documentary talked about.

The world is getting warmer and warmer. Many people don't think this is a big problem, but just get one thing clear; It is. Why? First of all the ice on arctic will melt, then the sea level will increase. When the sea level increases many countries will face floods and x-people will die and lose their home. The other Big problem is that the ecosystem may collapse, and then just a human brain can think what will happen next.

We build and destroy our own earth. We are geniuses, no doubt about that, but we are too selfish. Our (or many of us) biggest dream is to get rich and successful. But in this process we may be a part of destroying our own earth. For example oil companies, they often get greedy and provide too much oil... Which effect us, and our be-loving earth. Things like that build our earth economically but also destroy it.

The nature saves us for 36 trillion dollars! This was one fact that really got in to me. Most people doesn't appreciate the nature as we should do (I am one of those..). But after knowing this I will appreciate it much more! And I hope you also do.

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  1. I agree with you, the comment about how expensive it would be was really interesting as well: "What would it cost us to take carbon dioxide out of the air and put oxygen back in, which all the green things do for us for nothing?" It's possible to do a crude estimate of what it would cost us to replace nature. Well, it turns out, [one researcher] estimated it would cost us $35 trillion a year to do what nature is doing for us for nothing. Now to put that in perspective. If you had added up all of the annual economies of all the countries in the world at that time, it would come to $18 trillion. So, nature is doing twice as much service for us as the economies of the world. And in the madness of conventional economics, this is not in the equation. —David Suzuki, geneticist and broadcaster.