tirsdag 11. september 2012

Questions and answers about India

Hey, today I had an assignment, which was: 1. Discuss social and cultural conditions and values from a number of English-speaking countries.
So we could choose a several countries, but I chose India. Because I'm a native Indian, so it's pretty obvious. More specific the task was; Ask questions, and answer them by yourself.

1. How many vacations do they have in India? India only has 12 days as its minimum, but has the highest amount of public holidays with 16.

2. Are you satisfied with your school-system? Statistics from 2007 shows that 77% of Indian pupils are satisfied with their school-system.

3. Do they have many different activities to do in India? Yes, they do. There is a wide wildlife in India ready to get explored. There are also many attractions in India..

4. How do they celebrate their national day? 15. August. 1947 was the date when India got their independence day, this day is memorable for every Indian (Me included). They celebrate this day, with parades, military performance, dance, and singing.

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